5 Reasons Why You Should Rub a Banana Peel on Your Leg

Your ability to keep a bunch of banana on hand at all times is a very good way to explore different health benefits. Banana peel is usually loaded with handy importance and you should consider making use of it. You can use it to rub your leg for better experience most especially during times that temperature would rise to a point that people often desire to get boots and sneakers.

The use of banana peel would enable you to keep your feet nice and cool and in fact you will be able to have good time with your feet. Most people always love to show off their cute sandals but the issue is how ready is the feet for the summer. It is therefore imperative to make use of banana peel in ensuring good looking feet.

Banana peel has been studied to possess different benefits to the human health aside moisturizing the feet as it also help to whitening teeth. This shows you can make use of banana peel for different purpose and it is right time for you to stop disposing them rather start making good use of it. In this article, we will be talking about the benefit of banana peel to your feet and how it can help you give your feet a nice pedicure.

Health benefits

We need to firstly talk about how impactful banana peel can be to your health. Your body will so much appreciate you when you eat two bananas in a day. However, people that have diabetes should be very careful while taking this fruit as it contains a lot of sugar and people that doesn’t have any diabetes can enjoy make use of it most.

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Eating it regularly will enable you to possess more energy and it is possible for your muscle to cramp less frequently. Also, consumption of banana will afford you the opportunity to have lesser trouble with stomach acid and your bowel movements will be able to improve. Bananas also help fight against anemia and people with iron deficiency ought to consider taking banana for their health sake.

Its function on your feet

Since we have talked about numerous benefits attached to consumption of banana peel, it is time for us to talk about how impactful banana could be on your feet. If you are someone that is willing to ensure their feet is looking good enough for sandals once more then you should consider letting banana peels give you a pedicure. You will need to spend enough money at beauty stores to get pedicure and instead of using such amount of money to do, banana peel will help you out. Banana peel could be very effective to your feet and due to the presence of amino acids and vitamins in the fruit; your dry feet will be able to become soft and smooth once more without taking time.

How to do it?

Get yourself banana and after peeling it, you can eat it and keep the peel aside. Make sure your feet are cleaned and dry them properly. You can then proceed to put the banana peel across your feet and with its nourishing and softening ingredients contained in the banana peel, your foot soles would be absorbed. You should afterwards rinse your feet with lukewarm water or probably put them into a little foot bath of warm water and some baking soda. When you are done with the process, you can now make use of a nice body lotion on your feet and put on clean socks that are dry.

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